Here is that rain awaited by leaves with all

Their tress and by forests with all their mountains


Su claims for her work the physical landscape and spiritual territory of Greece, in so doing her turns, from the traditions of mother china inner core. She also believes for an landscape artist, a mental undertaking that is vast and romantic, and a seriousness that is close to divine. From Su’s work, they are glances, possibilities, they are any of us, almost in another life, and they expect of the viewers a costly exchange; we cannot glide here upon only beautiful images but must imaginatively take on other destinies.

Most painting nowadays imply a distant. On the contrary, Su utilized small sized work mostly to invited her audience intimately, and listen closely to the solitary speaker. That is, to each views the work reaches out personally. It is concerned, it is intimate.

Su moved to Athens from China in April, 2019. After all her year dedicated to painting and traveling around the world, she finally decided to moved into Greece to stay and work.